Number of Traffic Collisions in Need for Speed at an All-Time High

- Fans blame crashes on lack of tutorials

Following its release last month, Need for Speed Rivals has been criticised by both the press and audiences for being too obtuse to understand. Based on very advanced and esoteric concepts such as “racing cars” and “streets”, the racer has been called “undecipherable” by critics. Now, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has released a report that suggest the same.

According to the report, there have been several millions of traffic incidents since the game was released, making Need for Speed Rivals one of the most dangerous places to go on a drive, only beaten by Burnout Paradise , Mario Kart 7 and West Virginia. The problem, according to the DMV, seems to be a lack of proper tutorials and road regulations.

The reports also disclose that many Need for Speed cops may not have completed the police academy.

The reports also disclose that many Need for Speed cops may not have completed the police academy.

Several users have been unable to figure out the very basics of how to start their car, drive or turn. “This is an outrage. The game’s short 20 minute tutorial only glosses over concepts like ‘turning’ and ‘pressing the button displayed on the screen’. How am I supposed to remember these things in actual traffic?” said one disgruntled customer.

Several players have also reported that they “feel uncomfortable behind the wheel”. “This screen says, like, press ‘PageUp’. Am I supposed to do something here?” wrote one such driving enthusiast on  the game’s official forums. Meanwhile, numerous players were unable to even start their cars, and demanded more instruction, preferably in the form of a separate instructional DVD, accompanied by a VHS describing how to run DVDs.

Developer Ghost Games has confirmed that they are looking into the issue and will be introducing more tutorials soon. “The collisions are definitely something we’re looking into,” said one support representative on the forum, “In the upcoming patch, we will be adding new tutorial videos that will play before you get your hand on the steering wheel, followed by a tutorial on how to skip tutorials, so that users can fully understand how to press the four buttons necessary to play our game. Quitting the game at any point during this tutorial will, of course, restart the tutorial the next time.”

Creator of the Gran Turismo -franchise, Kazunori Yamauchi, has applauded Ghost Game’s decision to make the roads in Need for Speed safer for all. “It’s important that all players have the appropriate in-game driver’s licenses”, he writes on his Twitter account, “Furthermore, Gran Turismo has also shown us that damage to cars and environments can be avoided by disabling damage to cars and environments.”

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