Under the Lens: Next-Gen VS Reality

- Can reality keep up with the new generation?

There aren’t many days left until the new generation of consoles is upon us, and when it hits, we will be yet another step closer to bridging the gap between video games and reality. But how close will we really be? We at Pixeled Courier have defied national and international copyright restrictions in an attempt to give you the answer. Have a look at our comparisons between next generation games and real-life settings below.



Somewhat unexpectedly, the cars you drive in Forza 5 on Xbox One seem much more appealing than the car you have to jumpstart every morning in real life. Not only that, but Forza 5′s cars are faster, more fun to drive and even greener (as seen in the picture). On the other side, real life cars have more polygons and adhere to a more realistic damage system, so even though we can declare a victory to next-gen on this one, it is only a narrow win.



Real life zombies are much more detailed than the zombies in Xbox One’s launch title Dead Rising 3. However, the next-gen zombies are more aggressive, and generally behave more realistically. You really believe that they do want brains, whereas real life zombies are most often seen hanging around at Halloween parties or are spotted on their phone, uploading pictures of themselves or others on Instagram. The zombies from the next Dead Rising game also appear in greater numbers, leading us to believe that Xbox One’s cloud is technology is a lot more powerful than real life cloud technology, which only seems to produce rain. Also,  can real life zombies be dismembered? Not likely without an impending jail sentence.



Whereas the fish in the next-gen version of Call of Duty: Ghosts swim around underwater, real life fish seem to most often find themselves breaded, fried and frozen, swimming around in the stomachs of people who are far too busy to waste their time on recreational cooking. The fish in Call of Duty: Ghosts will even swim away as the player approaches it –  a behaviour that seems completely lost on real life fish. They usually remain right where you left them, in the freezer.


Somewhat astoundingly, we have no choice but to hand this victory to the next-generation of consoles. Computer graphics generated in real-time finally look better than real life. On some level, it should be a surprise to no one, seeing how computer power has increased exponentially. Real life on the other hand has only improved marginally since its transition from black and white.  Where does the journey go next for video game graphics? Who knows? Maybe one day, graphics will even look as good as the Killzone 2 target footage from E3 2005.

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