Call of Duty at 720p is the End of the World for Xbox One

- Doomsday prophets and naysayers turn against the console

After Executive Producer at Infinity Ward, Mark Rubin, confirmed yesterday that Call of Duty: Ghosts won’t output 1080p resolution on Xbox One, but instead will be upscaled from 720p, Pixeled Courier has been informed by reliable sources that the world will now end. At the very least for Microsoft’s upcoming console. These reports contradict a previous story from that the world would persist, in spite of Xbox One’s lowered resolution.

“It is to be expected that the world ends after something like this”, N4G member and self-declared Internet pundit ValyZXx told Pixeled Courier earlier this evening.  He stresses that while the world will end, it will only end for Xbox One, marking the fifth time the world ends for the console.

“First time the world ended it was because of the focus on on-demand TV, then the DRM policy, then it was the Always-on Kinect, then the price – the world ended really badly on that one – and now it’s Call of Duty’s upscaled and so-called 1080p,” ValyZXx sums up for our correspondent. “How many times must we see the world come to an end for Xbox?”, he asks, notifying us about some plausible scenarios of how the console may see its final days. “The console could be hit by a meteor, or sea levels could rise so high that there won’t be enough room on land to keep the recommended distance between the Kinect sensor and the player.”

Stan Kelly, a doomsday prophet and PlayStation fan who has written numerous books on the end of the world – for Xbox, informs Pixeled Courier that his prophecies are finally coming to life. “When I foretold that the world would come to an end for the original Xbox because of the clunky controller, I was completely right. Though I failed to realise that it wasn’t going to end all at once at the console’s launch, but instead enter a twelve-year period in which it swirled toward its inevitable end.”

Coming to an end? It has been known to happen.

Coming to an end? It has been known to happen.

Kelly tells us that he was able to calculate the exact date of the new end of the world for Xbox One by diving 720p by Xb0x 360 and multiplying it by Xbox One, then adding together some  commands he had found in old video game instruction manuals. His calculations left him with the exact same date as the day Infinity Ward confirmed that there would be no native 1080p for the new Xbox in CoD: Ghosts. “I only wish I had found the numbers before Infinity Ward’s reveal, so that I could have run out and bought champagne”, he added.

N4G user ValyZXx is inclined to agree with Kelly’s analysis of video game manuals, adding that “The world would be better off if more people took the prophecies of old pieces of paper more seriously – or at the very least we’d get a heads-up before it ends”.


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