Leaked Photo Suggests PlayStation Home Exists

- Sony: “We do not comment on rumours and speculation”

A picture supposedly showing a PSN user partaking in PlayStation Home has gone rounds around the Internet this morning, after being spotted on the NeoGAF forums. The picture, which was uploaded and taken by NeoGAF user AdPS8skillz, has given birth to new rumours that Sony’s social games platform not only exists, but is still up and running.


“As the legends would have it, a few of those who searched the XrossMediaBar [the PS3 menu] high and low for long enough, would be so lucky as to discover the blue coloured icon of PS Home”, IT Historian Sylvi de Gaulle told the students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) earlier this year. “Then, only those who pass the cumbersome trials of endless software installations will be allowed to enter this utopian society. Of course, that’s only a story.”

De Gaulle has been skeptical to the alleged existence of PlayStation’s online community, and didn’t seem inclined to change her mind after Pixeled Courier showed her the leaked photo. In spite of this, she was willing to concede that the ancient tales about PlayStation Home may have had some basis in reality.

“In the story books, we’re told of an online service that offers seemless integration between PlayStation games, in addition to rewarding players with 3D modelled trophies. While these ideas are fairy tales at best, there could very well have been an actual PlayStation Home once, where people met to play minigames and to watch in-game advertisements”.

However, she clarifies that it is extremely unlikely that PlayStation Home still exists this far into the age of the Internet. “People have Facebook, Twitter and tons of free-to-play online games where they can share anything they please with their friends. In other words, people have no use for a restricted version of S econd Life .”

An artist's illustration of how PlayStation Home may have looked like

An artist’s illustration of how PlayStation Home may have looked like

Even so, there have been numerous instances of gamers claiming to having visited PlayStation Home over the last few years. Most of them report not being able to see or do much inside the online world, before losing connection to the Home servers and returning to the regular universe. In some of the more striking reports, players insisted that they were able to manipulate the spacetime-coordinates of brightly coloured furniture and play “decent quality bowling”.

Sony on their side, remains tight-lipped on the matter, giving us the usual “We do not comment on rumours and speculation”.

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Turns out the photography was photoshopped.


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