Under the Lens: How Does the PS4 Line-up Stack up Against PS1?

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Seeing how the next generation of consoles is getting closer by the minute, and to a lesser extent by the second, we at Pixeled Courier thought the timing was perfect to showcase how big the change in graphics has been since the days of the first PlayStation. This being the case, we’ve taken the time to rip some random pictures of Google images – just for you.


Graphics have come a long way since PS1. Disney’s Tarzan almost looks outdated next to Killzone: Shadow Fall .

Even though the PS4 hasn’t even been released yet, a trained eye will quickly spot some of the differences between Disney’s Tarzan (to the left) and PS4′s release title Killzone: Shadow Fall (to the right). Some of the changes are subtle, but you can distinctly see how the upcoming Killzone game edges out Tarzan when it comes to both depth-of-field effects and anti-aliasing. Motion blur effects have also gone through some serious improvements over the years, and while Tarzan certainly stands its ground in some areas, Killzone: Shadow Fall wins overall. Also, explosion effects have likely gone through some improvements too, seeing how nothing seems to blow up in the Tarzan-screenshot.

Spot the difference? Hint: Notice the soft shadows in PS4 game Drive Club.

Spot the difference? Hint: Notice the soft shadows in PS4 title Drive Club .

Now, Digimon World (second image from the right) was well-known for its lush backgrounds and incredible audio back in the day, but look a little closer and you might just notice that not all the shadows are where they would be in a real life Digimon setting. This is because the game used baked lightning. Meanwhile, Drive Club (picture farthest to the east) incorporates dynamic lightning and soft shadows. You may also notice how the reflections on the hood of the car look noticeably better than the water-reflections in Digimon World. This is made possible with PS4′s hundreds of millions of transistors – against PS1′s 50. The rest is largely a matter of preference.

So, are you as excited about the next generation of consoles as we are? And which pictures do you think look the best? Leave a comment below.

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