Skylanders: Swap Force (PS3/360) Review

No, those are MY toys. Go get your own.

The clock is 13:00 /01:00 pm
I make my way home from university, open the door.
Something sparks my curiosity:
Plastic toys lying on my living room floor.
Did I really buy these? How old am I, four?

The clock is 13:02 /01:02 pm
I turn on my TV. Place a Skylander on the portal.
What is this I see? Lush graphics fit for the eyes of an immortal?
I’m intrigued, but isn’t this some children’s fad?
If my eyes are to be believed, this game might not be all that bad.

The clock is 16:30 / 4:30 pm
This is no kids game, this is Diablo in disguise.
It’s simple, approachable, yet perfect for grown-up guys.
The combat is addictive, the story creative.
I’m so deep into this game, I feel like a Woodburrow native.

The clock is 18:00 / 6:00 pm
I’m at the local mall, telling myself my newfound addiction is normal.
Though, it’s not at all, I’ve become far too informal.
My mission: To purchase plastic toys for myself.
Should I look for a physician? Should I worry about my own mental health?
The toy store doesn’t have a Lightcore Eruptor. This is obscene!
Here, write down any sum on this piece of paper. I need that figurine!

The clock is 02:30 / 2:30 am
My head is tired, my eyes are sore.
So why do I want to play this game even more?
Is this magical world this alluring, or have I been cursed?
I need to find out, before I become too immersed.

The clock is 03:00 /03:00 am
I’ve woken a friend from sleep, asked him to play too.
Though, that co-op could be this fun, I never knew.
Together we stare at the television screen with childlike glee.
This game is surprisingly engaging, it wasn’t just me.


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