What You Should Think of Apple’s Keynote

- Will Apple leave its fingerprint on the tech market, yet again?

Electronics giant Apple is set to hold another one of their monthly “Special Events” this evening, to the excitement of many. As always, Apple will be looking to give the impression that they leave nothing to chance, but does Apple really have what it takes to blow minds? Or is it reasonable to assume that they will continue to blow dick for pocket change? It’s crucial that we ask these questions.

The tech world seems underwhelmed by recent Apple announcements. Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-Hee even went as far as drawing iPhone’s new fingerprint sensor into question on Twitter:

“iPhone 5S’s fingerprint sensor: Do we really need another reason to give iPhone the finger?,” he asked rhetorically in a Tweet. He later apologised and clarified his opinion in another status update: “I’m sorry, but other than that, the iPhone can do to me what my wife won’t.”

While our international team is still working on figuring out whether or not these comments are to be considered as common courtesy in South-Korea, we at Pixeled Courier think it’s reasonable to question the direction Apple has taken after the untimely death of Apple’s former CEO, Steve Jobs. Can current CEO Tim Cook make the Apple-fans feel alive? Or will the Apple-fans cook Tim alive? These are the questions we have to ask.

Tim Cook does seem to rely more heavily on the loyalty of Apple’s fanbase. For instance, while Steve Jobs’s Apple would usually send the press a fair share of information about its keynote speeches ahead of time, Tim Cook’s Apple simply sent this image:


Attached to a rather informal five-page manifesto, containing comments such as: “Oh Jobs, we are grateful that you would die for Nokia’s sins, so that this job would be bestowed upon me,”

With this drastic change in strategy, we at Pixeled Courier think it’s reasonable to expect something big.

UPDATE: Nope. Just some trailers.

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