‘Total War’-Fans Lay Siege to Development Studio

- Developer reportedly regrets asking “How far are you willing to go for Rome?”

BRIGHTON, BRITANNIA— Several employees at The Creative Assembly, the studio behind the Total War-franchise, were inconvenienced this morning as furious members of the Total War-community laid siege to their offices. The reason behind the siege being the unfinished condition of the recently released Rome II: Total War.

“They think their post-release bug fixes are enough to stop us. They should think again!” a representative from the Total War-community told a crowd of cheering Real-Time Strategy-devotees. “The Gods will favor those who mod the game themselves, so take up your map-editors and prepare!”


Pixeled Courier managed to contact the community coordinator for Rome II, Will Overgard, by phone, who informed our journalist that he considers the situation to be problematic, but manageable. “We got used to being besieged by fans after the release of Empire: Total War. We’ve gathered plenty of food, so that we are prepared even if they block our trade routes until winter.”

While development on next year’s Total War-game continues as planned, Overgard stresses that the Creative Assembly-team will take ruthless action, should the fans attempt to assault or sack their studio. “If the community approaches our gates, our patches will rain upon them from the open skies, leaving them to the mercy of the Steam download manager.”

However, an administrator from the official Total War forum seemed to think victory was within reach, even after being confronted with Overgard’s statements. “It’s true that in the old times our Creative Assembly-sieges would last for days, even years, but after Rome II was released we have been given new and explosive torches that can easily blow the studio doors wide open! When this is done, we will take their resources and enslave the developers.”

According to our sources, The Creative Assembly is currently being enslaved by SEGA.


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