Sony to Sell Madison Avenue HQ at a Discount

- Savings to be had for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Following Sony’s announcement earlier this year, that they would be selling their New York-based headquarters to investors, the tech-giant has now announced that the Madison Square Avenue building will be sold at a discount to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

While the property was initially priced at 1.1 billion US dollars, investors with a PlayStation Plus subscription will now be able to buy the property from PlayStation Store for the slightly more reasonable offering of 0.7 billion dollars. While official polls regarding the popularity of the offer are yet to be revealed, investors and PS Plus subscribers alike seem to be generally pleased with the offering. However, a couple of criticisms have been raised:

“While the prospect of saving 0.4 billion dollars on the purchase may seem attractive, investors must remember that you won’t get access to the building once your subscription runs out, and renewing your subscription every year could quickly cost you a lot of money”, hedgefund manager Steve Erickson told Pixeled Courier over the phone.

Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter seemed inclined to agree with Erickson’s analysis, adding that while PS Plus also has other games on offer, gamers aren’t likely to be interested in most of them. Pachter meant that it would be advantageous for gamers to wait for the Sony highrise to be sold in a Humble Bundle, where it could be sold for even less, along with the rest of Manhattan.

Pixeled Courier was, however, able to get hold of one positive gamer. “I think PlayStation Plus is turning into a one-of-a-kind offer. It started out well with the discounted PixelJunk Racers: 2nd Lap and reached new heights with the Far Cry 3 giveaway. Now, with the 400,000,000 dollar discount, I think I can safely say I’ll be renewing for another twelve months” PlayStation enthusiast Jerry Wales told Pixeled Courier while on his way to Gamestop to purchase thirty-five million PlayStation Network cards.


Microsoft has announced that they will counter Sony’s offer by giving away 1-room apartments in South Bronx through their “Real Estate with Gold”-programme.


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