Father: My Son Started Swearing Because of GTAV

- Fuck that game, says concerned father

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI— 44 year old professional hunter and family-man Bart Charlton worries about his six year old son, Jason, who he claims developed a foul mouth after playing Rockstar’s new game, Grand Theft Auto V.

“After I bought him that fucked up Gram Theft Auto game, he ain’t been doing nothing but cursing”, the concerned father informs Pixeled Courier in an exclusive interview.

“I mean, I would stand outside his goddamn room and I’d hear him cursing to the TV-screen. Then whenever he would come downstairs for evening supper, he’d be using the same language. That ain’t no way to behave. Fuck that. Fuck all of that.”

Mr. Charlton worries that between his hectic job as a game-hunter and his side project in his sealed basement laboratory, there is little time for him to monitor his son’s behaviour during Jason’s video game sessions. According to the father, his only hope was to try and find a new game for his son.

“I tried buying him a game without any swearing, but so far I ain’t even seen him try playing this goddamn Amnesia: Machine for Pigs-game. He just keeps playing that screwed up Grain Tech Auto Five.”

The upset father now worries that other parents might make the same mistake and buy Grand Theft Auto for their children.

“There’s darn good reason to be concerned about these shit Grand Thief Otter games. I read somewhere on Fox that the last one of them came out the same year as the economy went to shit. What more do you need?”

The father wishes to rally other upset parents to protest the game, hoping that the government will eventually ban it from being sold in stores, or at least from being sold to children.

“Now, if the economy goes bad and kids start swearing every time these games come out, I’d say that’s all the evidence we need to protest this fucked up game. Hell, that’s the least we can do. I mean if we don’t spend the rest of our spare time protesting these games on national news, people might get the impression that we’ve failed as parents.”

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