Survey: EA Named ‘Worst Company to Happen to Mankind’

- Less popular than Walmart and Ku Klux Klan, survey reveals

Consumers have yet again voiced their distaste for video game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) after the company was voted ‘worst company to happen to mankind’ in a recent poll on ,

The electronics giant thereby trumps several other user-nominated companies and organisations that took part in the competition, including retail corporation Walmart, consumer bank Wells Fargo and Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. After a close final against Bank of America, EA became the first company to ever “win” the title two times in a row.

While we have yet to receive an official statement from EA, CEO and President of Bank of America Brian T. Moynihan called a press conference immediately following the final round of the survey. During his address to the attending journalists, Moynihan expressed both his relief and upset with the survey results.

“This has been an eye-opening experience for us at Bank of America. While we realise that foreclosing on the homes of thousands of Americans may not be a popular decision among every demographic, we never thought we would come close to being as unpopular as the company that put a DRM in Sim City.”

Moynihan reportedly had to be removed from the conference room by force, after becoming aggressive while commenting on Mass Effects 3′s “unsatisfactory ending”, which according to the CEO felt “kind of like foreclosing on Commander Shepard”.

Pixeled Courier asked video game enthusiast and avid 4chan user, Matt Huntsman, about why he chose Electronic Arts as the worst company to happen to mankind in front of other typically impopular institutions such as The Lord’s Resistance Army and Nazi Germany.

“Well, say what you want about Hitler, but one thing he did not do was release Dragon Age II before it was even finished.”

The nineteen year-old was quick to point out that EA would need to undergo serious change if the company wants to win back his support.

“There’s no way that I’m buying FIFA or Madden this year. The only games I’m looking at from EA right now are Mirror’s Edge 2 and Battlefield 4. Also, when the next Dragon Age comes out I’m probably just gonna borrow it from a friend. Unless the story is really long, of course, then I’ll buy it reluctantly.”

Meanwhile, scientists are working on discovering ‘the missing link’ between redditors attacking EA Sports and FIFA 13 selling more than one million copies in 48 hours.


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