Xbox One is Designed to be Always-on for Ten Years

- Switching the console off before ten years has passed is potentially hazardous

Internet forums have been in a state of rare content after inside sources at Microsoft revealed to Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry that the Xbox One has been designed to remain always-on for ten years without overheating. Somewhat interestingly, no mention was made of what happens when the console is switched off.

Now, inside sources at Microsoft have revealed to Pixeled Courier that turning the console off comes at a substantial risk. A claimed Microsoft employee, who prefers to remain anonymous, has informed Pixeled Courier that the console, once switched on, could become severely destabilized if turned off before a ten year time period has passed.

The reason for this is, according to our source, that the console is powered by a quarter of a gram of antimatter which will explode once it comes into contact with matter. This is unfortunate, seeing how the rest of the Xbox One is rumored to consist exclusively of matter. When the console is turned off, so is the powerful electromagnet that keeps the antimatter separate from the rest of the console. The resulting explosion is said to equal that of 5,000 tons of TNT, and was described by our source as “just the right amount to blow up the Vatican”.

While these news should be taken with a grain of salt until we get an official confirmation from Microsoft, former Microsoft Game Excecutive Adam Orth has reportedly tweeted:

“I don’t get the drama around having an ‘explosive’ console. Every device now ‘blows up’. That’s the world we live in.”

Researchers on the field have assured Pixeled Courier that this is in fact not the world we live in.

UPDATE: Our inside source has asked that we promote his latest book “Inferno”. Currently available for purchase on Amazon.

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