God of War 3 (PS3) Review

No, kids. That’s ketchup.

Now, you’re probably asking “Why do you play God of War 3 in 2013? Hast thou not heard of Ascension?”

To which I reply “Yes, I have heard of Ascension” and continue playing God of War 3. Notice how I only remembered the last part of the question. Why? Because I’ve been playing God of War 3. I’ve been ripping gods to shreds, tearing greek mythology to pieces, killing the living and revitalising the dead. Do you honestly expect me to remember your measly question after such tales of extraordinaire?

God of War 3 is namely just that. Extraordinary. It’s an unforgettable experience for the whole family: The kids will be traumatized for life, the wife won’t ever forget that you stayed up playing this instead of being there for her during child birth and you won’t forget what a smashing good time you had.

Even the quick time events are fantastic. Like, there’s a point where the game prompts you to press L3 and R3, and you’re like “L3 and R3? Those buttons do no good”, but you still press them and after seeing what actions unfold on-screen you’re like “Did that stuff just come out of the R3 and L3 buttons? Do they really have such power?”

And that takes us to the second part of God of War 3: Power. You feel so damn powerful in this game, but it’s still challenging. You feel powerful because you play as Kratos, a character of immense strength, and it’s challenging because you need to constantly block out the sounds of your family calling you back to the real world. Thankfully the game is full of epic music and loud sound effects, so turn up the volume and you won’t have such a hard time.

Do I recommend that you play God of War 3? Well, no, if you hate freedom and justice. But yes if you love long walks at the beach where you wonder if you really just tore that guy’s head off. If you were playing God of War 3, chances are you did.


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