Valve Announces: Gabe Newell to Spit on Gamers

- “It’s not Half-Life 3, but it’ll do for now”, says fan

There has been much buzz on Internet forums the last weeks, after one of the moderators on the Steam-support forum posted a picture of something many interpreted to be a Half-Life 3 easter egg.

“If you look closely at the picture (posted beow), you can see that one of the palm trees resembles the shape of a crowbar (The iconic weapon used by Gordon Freeman in the Half-Life games)”, an excited Half-Life fan told the Pixeled Courier last week.

“And it goes without saying that the word ‘tree’ is very similar to the word ‘three’. I don’t think they’d tease us like this if this wasn’t the real deal”.

Pixeled Courier editors were convinced they saw it too...

Pixeled Courier editors were convinced they saw it too…

The excitement among the fans reached an even higher point last Sunday when Gabe Newell Tweeted that he was “working on a project”.

“Gabe never works on projects. This has got to be Half-Life 3″, a forum user posted at

Monday morning Valve broke the silence and announced that the project they had been working on was in fact not the third installment in the Half-Life series, but GlandWorks: A one-time event where gamers can meet up in Bellevue, Washington to get spit on by Valve’s Managing Director, Gabe Newell.

The reveal was a major upset in the PC gaming community. Several fans even went as far as calling for a boycott of Valve’s upcoming First Person Spitter. Other gamers voiced their frustration by sacrificing themselves to Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife. However, a few hours after Valve’s announcement the situation started to calm down.

“It’s not Half-Life 3, but it’ll do for now. It’s not every day you get a new IP from Valve. This should be a good way to pass time while we wait for more Half-Life 3 rumors”, said a content Valve fan.

Several gamers also noted that tickets to GlandWorks would be available on Steam for the reasonable price of 25,99$ (travelling costs not included). “If I was going to pay someone to spit on me, I’m glad it’s Valve. Companies like EA could learn much from Valve on pricing and service”, another Half-Life enthusiast told Pixeled Courier. When our journalist confronted the fan with the possibility of being spit on by Will Wright through EA’s service, Origin, for 19,99$, the fan simply shook his head and refused to take further questions.

GlandWorks is set to open this winter, and has been referred to by Gabe Newell as the spiritual successor to Valve’s own zombie-shooter ‘Left 4 Dead 2′.


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