Cloud Strife Sues Microsoft

Claims copyright infringement on the phrase “The infinite power of the Cloud”

SILICON VALLEY, MIDGAR—In what is shaping up to be a high-profile lawsuit, Final Fantasy celebrity Cloud Strife has decided to bring tech-giant Microsoft to court, claiming ownership of the phrase “The infinite power of the Cloud”.

“It was okay the first couple of times he [Steve Ballmer - CEO of Microsoft] said that the Xbox used Cloud-based technology. It was first after a couple of weeks that I thought that, hey, they’re using my name to sell their product. I’m not okay with that”, Cloud Strife told CNN in an interview with Fareed Zakaria.

Strife also explained how particularly the slogan ‘The infinite power of the Cloud’, which Microsoft had used to describe how Xbox One can be boosted by Cloud computing, is very similar to the slogan of ‘Materiade’, Strife’s own brand of energy drinks.

“It feels strange to see a slogan that I’ve used to promote how my drinks give you a +02 Vitaly boost being used to promote improved car drivers in Forza 5. I mean, if they’re going to use my name to promote their drivers, at least have them ride motorcycles.”

We contacted video game industry analyst Michael Pachter , who warned that the lawsuit could damage Microsoft’s reputation.

“Having been the star of a very popular video game and a blockbuster movie (Final Fantasy VII and FFVII: Advent Children), Cloud Strife is incredibly popular among gamers. So this could really cause the gaming world to turn on Microsoft”, Pachter told Pixeled Courier over the phone, underlining that Cloud is ‘probably the last Final Fantasy character you want to meet in court’.

“Had it for example been Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII who sued Microsoft, no one would have cared.”

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