Xbox One Dev Admits: I Can’t Count to 11

- Not enough fingers between both hands, states concerned developer.

During an ‘Ask me Anything’-session on Reddit the Xbox One developer revealed that when tasked with mapping the hardware limitations of the new Kinect camera, he found that the device had more features than he was able to count.

“I had just counted Kinect-features such as ‘tracing individual fingers’ and ‘watching you while you sleep’, when I discovered I had used up all my fingers. There simply weren’t enough fingers between both hands, the developer informed us in an exclusive interview.”

“I know eleven is supposed to follow ten, but without more fingers to count I don’t have any point of reference. I mean, it’s like with the universe. We know it’s big, but we can’t comprehend just how big it really is.”

When pressed on what this could mean for the Xbox One development community, the developer responded “Absolute worst case scenario, I think some development teams could lose track of all the features. Maybe they limit themselves to focusing on ten features, and that’s it. This could make it difficult for Kinect 2.0 developers to innovate in the long term, like they did with Kinect. It’s hard to imagine, but that could cause consumers to lose interest beyond the initial gimmick.”

This comes in the aftermath of Sony’s E3 press conference, where President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Jack Tretton, announced that PlayStation 4 would be able to count to eleven, to roaring applause from the audience.

However, head of Microsoft Steve Ballmer was none too worried when confronted with the issue. “Thanks to the infinite power of the cloud, the Xbox One will definitely be able to count to eleven at some point.”

The Pixeled Courier has not been able to find a precise definition of how much power ‘infinite’ is, but it is heavily rumored to be considerably bigger than eleven.



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