Welcome to Pixeled Courier!

Hello all!

This is the Editor of Pixeled Courier writing. I figured the Editorial-section could be the one place where we try to remain serious.

As you’ve probably (hopefully) noticed, this is a satire-site. A little bit like The Onion, except that it’s dedicated to video games and the video game industry. It also has a smaller budget. And fewer readers. And a lot less content. And lower quality content.

Anyway, here’s our mission statement : To make fun of everyone.

There’s so much fanboyism and hate in the gaming community that we’d probably all benefit from loosening up a little. Gaming to me is really all about fun, not about giant corporations battling over market shares.

I will try to keep this updated somewhat regularly, and am hoping that the page will catch on. So if everything turns out right, you’ll hopefully be seeing more from Pixeled Courier. Meanwhile, I need to get my head around CSS editing on WordPress.

Any feedback on design, grammar or content is very much appreciated! Even really harsh, hateful comments will be treasured forever at this point.

Please follow us on facebook or Twitter! Or both! And post links on Reddit and all over the Internet. Or just check in regularly. With your help this site could become somewhat popular!

Thank you for visiting!


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