“Pachter has made his last prediction,” Pachter predicts

- “Track record simply not good enough to stay in the game”, says Michael Pachter

During an exclusive interview with Pixeled Courier, social media and video games analyst Michael Pachter made a bold claim.

“I think Michael Pachter has made his last prediction. Sure, he’s right every now and then, but not often enough compared to the total number of predictions he makes. I think his track record is simply too flawed to stay in the game”, Pachter informs us.

While Pachter admits that Pachter may be right occasionally, he stresses that it’s rarely anything beyond what the law of averages dictates.

“It’s been a tough couple of years for Pachter”, Pachter informs us. “He predicted that Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V would arrive by the end of 2010, then by the end of 2011, then by the end of 2012. If he predicts the same thing for 2013, which I predict he will, GTAV will probably end up being delayed somehow.”

Pachter informs us that the video game industry is likely to benefit from going with the complete opposite of what Pachter says.

“If Pachter says that Kinect won’t sell if it’s priced above 80$, you better start selling Kinect at 149,99$.”

Pachter informs us that the idea of always betting against Pachter’s predictions is an idea he got from Pachter’s family.

“Whenever Pachter predicts that his wife will make steak for dinner, she ends up making pasta”, Pachter tells us. “However, spaghetti is Pachter’s children’s favorite dish so they constantly tell him to predict that they will be having steak.”

-”I predict that you will ask me another question”, Pachter tells our journalist, who suddenly receives an urgent phone call from the editor and is forced to end the interview.


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