Nintendo Makes Video Game Parodying PETA

- Now they know how it feels, says Shigeru Miyamoto.

Roughly two weeks ago, animal rights movement PETA released Pokémon Black and Blue , a parody and critique of Nintendo’s Pokémon universe. Now,  Nintendo has finally addressed the issue in their latest episode of Nintendo Direct. During the fairly short presentation, Shigeru Miyamoto appeared on stage to announce PETA World – a game based on the animal rights movement.

“It’s a real-time strategy game where the goal is to garner as much attention as possible”, Miyamoto told viewers who were watching the event through a live stream on Nintendo’s website.

“To do so, you can hire B-list celebrities to star in provoking advertisements or arrange attacks on people wearing fur.”

According to Miyamoto his aim with making the game was to accurately portray the challenges of running an organisation like PETA.

“While the player needs to collect attention points to increase his or her relevance score, the player will also need to keep the NPC members thinking that the organisation is dedicated to saving animals. Otherwise, members can decide to leave, and that could seriously decrease the player’s standing on the PR-leaderboards.”

Miyamoto also highlighted the features the Wii U brings to the game. This will include using the screen on the control pad instead of the TV-screen to keep your personal agenda hidden from other players.

PETA World is set for release on Wii U this holiday season, with ‘PETA Kart’ and ‘Super PETA Bros.’ set for release on Nintendo 3DS early next year.”


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